A Rant On Being Errant

The generation of “peace” and social “JUSTICE” in America during the world changing 1960’s has allowed one of their own to reinstate what they’d fought against in youth. We should have taken notice of the first public slip when Abbie Hoffman became a New York Stock broker, but the gate had been opened so the ‘watch-dog’ of CARE and TRUST (for one’s fellow man.) got chained to the house of GREED.

How many of you are seeing your youngest SONS or DAUGHTERS, maybe your grandsons or granddaughters go off to a ‘war’ that has the same falsified beginnings of our Viet Nam ? Coupled to our parents’ remembrances of the insidiousness-es of how Hitler began HIS attempts of world control, world domination.

How DID we let this happen ? I believe that because we’d lost view of those scars inflicted in Chicago, Detroit, DALLAS and KENT STATE. Because a surgeon said it would make us “FEEL” better about how we “look in the mirror”. Well, ‘WE” do “look” better but we’ve got NO HOMES to hang a mirror now. And these diets for us to ‘look’ “better” in our clothes aren’t coming in the mail due to our not being able to keep up with our credit card fees. In fact we’re learning exactly how to correctly pronounce “GUBMINT” cheese, just like those “lazy” folks we used to “not understand” when “THEY” told us that ‘they couldn’t find a J.O.B. these times of economic turmoil is the an-acronym for “JUST ‘OLMOST BROKE”. The commercials hawking ”HAIR CRAYOLA” tells us to lie about ourselves more, spouting that “the generation that swore that it wouldn’t get “OLD” didn’t. ” RIGHT we’re the fattest , most physically depressed nation in the WORLD !!!

And those forty-somethings surfing off some ( needfully rented for mortgage income) California beach hugging a woman that has as much PLASTIC (mental,physical and spiritual. ) as MALIBU BARBIE are the JUDAS GOATS of the BABY BOOM’S looking glasses. Go ahead, you KNOW you’ve asked Alice.

And isn’t it “RICH” that those of our classmates that have gone off to WASHINGTON, D.C. have forgotten what they’d fought against to become it ? THEN improve on their predessessors’ lessons of : NOW You SEE IT, NOW YOU WON’T with our HOMES, Jobs and RETIREMENT FUNDS ?

We who waited in MILE-plus long lines to purchase fuels for vehicles that requested, (and GOT !) just short of our “FIRST-BORN” children. (Yeah, Japan and Germany “LOST” the war.) But we’ve welcomed the same thing (Bush=Zapata Oil=[“And that’s the way it is”.] ) But to welcome the same thing THIRTY YEARS LATER is like getting assaulted in your WORST imaginable way then turning around and INVITING the assailants to LIVE WITH you.

If the men and women who ‘won the war’ over Germany and Japan are our “GREATEST GENERATION” with how they returned HOME and strove to BUILD businesses and housing AND EDUCATION for anyone that sought to learn how. From those who didn’t secretly change the rules. We who grew up watching the Cleaver family have to ask… WHAT is left FOR the ‘Beaver’ !?! Are WE now AMERICA’S DUMBEST GENERATION?  We’re now the poorest by aggregate.

I remember a story from a book published by Playboy, Inc. that told of how a business’ “life” moves through generational ‘leadership’. The person that starts the business builds it into the strong communally viable entity that provides the basis for affluance and such. But the son or daughter that receives it soon remove the things that made the business strong, living beyond  the good senses that provided them their position. The following rrecipiant has witnessed the fading, then resolves to reinstate what measures are necessary to bring back , then improve, the things that made the originator’s ideas work.

WE are the “sons” and “daughters” who’ve squandered the passion of Education’s and Innovation’s hard work. We’ve SETTLED “for” instead of incrementally discarding the outmoded and stupid. Embraced frivolities personal and economical. And  this is the bag of ‘OFFAL’ we are leaving to the WORLD’S coming ADULTS.

Will it take 40 years of an economic and social desert wandering for these sins that we’ve embraced to be forgiven by their demise ?

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