of this year’s election is that it IS of the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE AND FOR the PEOPLE.

I say this by one simple fact that has been missed by those that CLAIM to be historians and Political ANALYSTS.

The choice of how Senators John McCain and Barack Obama are funding their Presidential candidacies is exactly how America’s policies, ( both foreign and domestic.), reflect, almost, all of the posted quotes, (The New Colossus at the Statue of Liberty comes to mind. And IS visually worth $1.3 TRILLION as to its prophetical request.), and NECESSARY study to every new citizen seeking to become a permenant member of this over-sized community as “meltig pot”. (WE THE PEOPLE!).

Where John McCain has taken the “secure” handout of government campaign fundings, with its LIMITS of, and unimaginative inclusions of the citizenry Barack Obama has REACHED out to EACH citizen to ask them what they’d contribute to their UNDERSTOOD beliefs. To be “the ONE” who embraces the past of politics, of soap-boxes, handshakes, baby’s hugs and “whistle-stops”… sometimes done over the new personal contact mediums of text messages, or by email.To provide the visage of a “youth” in action and control, as opposed to a true hero that history has chosen to misuse due to the timing of his Military SERVICE to a country that had begun to stray from what had guided its GROWTH TOWARDS GREATNESS.

The “OLD SOLDIER” , duty “to” ingrained, even into his chromosomes, adding extra SALT, (Of the Earth.), into each tear allowed to escape as captors flailed his psyche for 85,00 endless hours. Even now “DUTY” demands that the ANCESTRAL SWORD, the one he’s carried for a lifetime, may have to eviscerate its owner on HIS OWN COMMAND, so as to halt the juggernaut of policy adopted by his “fraternity”.

Then there’s the melding of “oldest” world and “new”, with a name easily converted into the fear of mankind, via genes combining against “right”: ‘ABOMINATION’, THE LOATHING. But to loathe what ISN’T known, or even understood, is what’s spaying and neutering America.

(THE CHOICE 2008) A few days ago PBS ran an article on our “two” Presidential candidates showing all who watched the current formulae of just how each man has outlined their coming future. McCain has graduated the B.S. near the bottom of his class, but is now SUMA CUM LAUDED for stopping the “party train”by taking over the engine itself. Obama is using the skills of a good COMMUNITY organizer, which IS ,essencially, what AMERICA actually is… a community, that has lost its true directions because of the ‘ SNAKE-OIL’ “SALES-FOLK” who would never want to be part of the wholesomenesses that “staying the, (real ), course” represents.

Both men truly represent what the future view of their parties’ futures. One wants to retain the “old” ways”, ways that have been, and are, acheieved via dubious, greed driven methods. The other hasn’t been much better, in fact the “muleish” faction has only just been “the” party to accept the “former slave” as ‘PEER’. Where the ‘Pachyderm’ championed those of the, once, “home continent”.

WHOEVER is chosen has THREE GENERATIONS of failures to correcT, with an agredious financial wound that MUST be (AD)DRESSED, as of TWO elections ago.


AMERICANS need to act in the BEST INTERESTS of THEIR NEIGHBORS, no matter how far apart they MAY live.


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