Flip-Sides of Americana: The Melting Pot’s Fraternals

Isn’t it AMAZING what someone sees in their mind, and then desides to set it down on “paper” for you to read?
She beat an ALIEN enemy and won.

She beat an ALIEN enemy and won.It's funny how close famous people seem to be in looks sometimes. The woman that you see is Sigourney Weaver, Ripley in the movie ALIENS, as she wonderfully represented the"FIRST LADY" in DAVE.



If either of these two wonderful women find this article objectionable I apologize, but as anyone who has come across this site should know, by the name itself, that this IS the way my graymatter works. Ms. Weaver did conquer those “beasts” AND was a “FIRST LADY” to someone who DID “give a damn”. I SINCERELY hope that if Mrs. Obama’s mate does become the person chosen to ‘PRESIDE’ over the daily BUSINESSES of this NATION that he WILL set his mission toward being MORE than what we wanted, and significantly less than his predecessors. Or, just someone we haven’t witnessed in an eon… or more.

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  1. Oops! Now I get it; and I just loved “Dave”!


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