No Runs, No Hits…


I can’t tell you just how PALE I got when the sheep in the “SIN-ate” and “CON-gress” handed the ENTIRE national economy away. And to prove just how close the Presidency is to Nostradamas’ visions notice how fast the “shrubbery” shot out a root to put “it’s” signature on, (in), the fertilizers they’d left the American citizen. To “RESCUE” this nation we DON’T need to help NASCAR race tracks with the AMORTIZATION of their property, I won’t support a “sport” that glamorizes the incessant abuse of FOSSIL FUELS. We weren’t given a chance to see, let alone read what these “MAROONS” think they voted on, what tools WILL be used against us.

We’re now just days away from the PHYSICAL removal of the greatest President to ever undermine DEMOCRACY and change the world’s viewpoint of America’s intentions of showing the goodnesses of “FREEDOM”, in all its forced definitions. Hegemony is the word that most better “NEW” speakers of the ‘english’ language are taught for their entry into this country, just to prepare them to “fit in”.

With the sealing wax now getting set for the ROYAL seal I wonder if any of you who read this can pen an #ALLEN SHERMAN-esque piece of prose to Ernest Lawrence Thayer’s 1888 article “Casey At the Bat”* as a satirical mirror. Have at, the comment box of most of my posts have as much room as the zeros in 130 trillion, ( that’s the total dollar amount that our legislators BRANDED us with this week.), I think that this could be fun for any brave enough.[*Casey at the Bat: Thayer]

#Allen Sherman: the man who inspired Weird Al.


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  1. Or why it takes a summit with others nations, held in secret, concerning “our” economy?!


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