Get Rid of ‘Em ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to know what Sarah Palin will be like as “SECOND-IN CHARGE” Nancy Pa-LOUSE-i and “crew” have given themselves a FOUR-THOUSAND DOLLAR RAISE, besides giving George W. Bush what HE WANTED. [\’NEO-crats\’, \”FOR\” the common man !?! ] Mrs. Pa-LOUSE-i once stated that she would LEAD CON-gress against the Bush BULLY-pulpit, how long has it taken for HER to become one his manic marionettes?

They ALL float. (Penneywise)

"They ALL float". (Penneywise)

The SECRET EAR-MARKS that were given would put most citizens back into their FORECLOSED HOMES.

On the other side of this national coin a “CHRISTIAN” based college in OREGON, ( George Fox/Quaker ), has had an effigy of candidate Barack Obama hung from a tree. It seems that those who claim to “lead” this nation have found a way to be “IN this world, as well as BE OF IT. [a fine example.]

Is there any wonder that we are where WE ARE!?! (“Quakers” and ‘STRANGE FRUIT, they’re becoming something unpalletable !) We’ve become OUR OWN worst nightmare.


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  1. All of this makes me ill; especially that disgusting display of effigy. WTF America? SO modern sounding, but floundering in the pen with the pigs!!

    Payola and pigs!!!


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