My Country ‘Tis of THEE

America The Beautiful is our ‘unofficial’ National anthem, a song written for itself. Not an ”inspired” prose conveniently attached to the author’s favorite drinking tune. As one who was not born with the “blessings” of ‘normal’ learning abilities I’ve been disassembling the written word for over 50 years of my life. And I do so because my brain doesn’t just accept what enters it through my ears or eyes, it constantly replays the possible punctuations that each author may have experimented with in getting their point across. If it’s a song, like with America The Beautiful, I attempt to “feel” the moment, as in its date at publishing. Those events that assembled themselves into an expression final presentations, by carbon dioxide rushing over loose strands of skin to vibrate, precisely in of an aural thought of beauty.

‘My Country ‘TIS of THEE… IS this someone’s PSALM of thanks for grace, instead of finding “beauty” in “struggle’s” destructions ? Can you see the purity of gracious acceptance, the assumption of a STEWARDSHIP and its quiet longevity as the antithesis to loud, dull sensed chest thumping as the representation to communally chorus when presenting to the UNIVERSE “our pride”. Is it not better to gaze at the unfamiliar with a levelness so that they may see all features as complete, not with head bowed in shame or hurt. Not raised in challenge or guile. This IS what AMERICA The BEAUTIFUL presents, an INVITATION to a “New GARDEN”, open to the myriad of this world’s ‘HUMAN FRUIT’. To  transplant and graft to one another and make new tastes and nutritions that may be savored by those who’d sent the seedlings but remained to mind their ancient  gardens, knowing a good wind just might return some pollens… and a few seeds of enhancement from original cuttings.


[…of THEE I Sing]


This song /PSALM of gifting and grace is where America should be beginning to have within its vision, (not ‘sights’), and grasp, ( having been PLACED there, not stolen in greed.) And as we’ve seen, when a NATION changes either size, “shape” or “POLICY” in a drastic way its ANTHEM is its SYMPHONY of SURETY.

*… SWEET Land of LIBERTY ?  [ what an ANTHEM is.]


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