In 1920 You WOULDN’T Have Accepted THIS CRAP !

At a time when the golden views of reason need to be their sharpest the EUROPEAN descendants of the child bearing class are making it possible for the sundering of what they’d fought so hard for eighty-eight years ago.

don't fall on the sword.

don't fall on your sword.

From what little this man understands, of the female reasons of decision making, I do believe that those who are old enough to MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS will do so by seeking as much PROPER information as, they’re so capable of doing. To be enabled with the many abilities that make them so unique, but to allow the usurious bombardments of the capitalistic ” Punch the Judy” is confusing to me. YES, it will be a great AND wonderful thing when this country hears the title MADAM PRESIDENT but should this term of ” endearment” come at the CONTINUED cost of OUR, ( and, maybe soon the world’s.), RIGHTS and FREEDOMS ?

Are the women of voting age going to let the WHITE “Knight’s” smarmy stories, [the \”protectors\” of…], scare them into thoughts that may well seal them and their daughters into a world of [ AXLOTL Tanks]?

No matter what the “pundits” may spin into the brain women must remember that when ANY task is taken on that the PROPER INGREDIENTS will serve ALL the best. It bodes ill to use poor “fixin’s” while attempting to make sure those you are ‘SERVING’ can get up from the table and remain satisfied and nourished, without the possibility of having what was to strengthen them cause any sort of havock. Haste can make eight years of AGONY from one simple push of a button.

Haste makes the simple difficult.

Haste makes the simple difficult.

My simple request is this, DO LOOK, ( as in read !), ALL available articles of truth to what the PROPER CHOICE of our country’s leader should work for, not some agenda of what some ” OOK”, ( sp, m…), behind a curtain is feeding you. Remember, if the ingredients ARE TAINTED what are we going to LIVE on?

When it comes time to vote remember to do so for a future, not because of the hair or teeth. Remember ‘Wednesday’s’ comment as to why she wore her regular clothes for Halloween, (Addams Family Movie/1)…

” I’m a psychopath, I look just like everybody else.”

DON’T VOTE FOR THE FAMILIAR !!! Look where it’s gotten you so far. [Hardtack and water.]

[not gender specific.]

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  1. Good points and references. Thank you.

  2. Current ‘interviews’ have that white-washed application; nothing new under this sun.

  3. Thank you for supporting the women of this country in our search for applying what is truth.


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