Generations in Passing

A Question of WHYS: The WORLD’S “Balance”, and how we may stop becoming like our neighbors around the sun. As I walked towards ‘home’ on my break from Lion King, Columbus, Ohio, (Ohio Theatre.), I passed a man who greeted me with…” Isn’t this weather for July?”, whereupon I responded…” It’s the AXIS change.” As he walked away with a chuckle I turned thinking “what other things may have a bearing on what is happening to the way the Earth is changing”? As I sauntered easterly the little gray matter I had left churned up the following. 1.) Has the acceleration of global warming been helped by… A.) Building Booms in certain countries as their economies have urged such? And do their building materials weights do anything to slow the rotational average? 1.)Can the pressure of a vertical I-beam exert a “staking” pressure to a tectonic plate? B.) With the “URBANIZATION” of the world’s populations is the destruction of equatorial forest and vegetations meaning there’s less weight to spin the world? ( like removing pieces of the center ring of a gyroscope and then adding them closer to the ends of the axle.) C.) Since we’re removing such great amounts of material from the ground and not replacing it with like filler, is it possible that we’re affecting how the TECTONIC PLATES’ time tables of adjustment have been thrown off, and that’s why there have been so many earthquakes in recent years? Not to mention the quick regrowth of some of the largest devastators in recorded history? ( As in VOLCANOES!) Do the weights of man-made sea islands change flow rates of MAGMA and its cushioning affects? D.) Are the building heights affecting a part of the Jet stream, and other air currents, by changing their course? [ How high \’til b-bye?] Do these create a “torque” on soil, or the world’s spin rates? E.) Lastly. With the constant search and retrievals of energies COAL has set a dangerous president of not allowing itself to be mined due to its catching fire before extraction, filling entire regions with heat, sulfur, besides various other dangerous gases. Couple those to the loss of unimaginable acres of livable land and we’ve ALL got a bad thing going on,especially since coal/ underground fires are seldom extinguished. In the state of Ohio alone there are 6,600 old mine sites with 25 of 88 counties affected! [ohcoal.ART_ART_09-02-08_B1_GLB70C0.html?sid=101]



[the encyclopedia of earth 9/2/08] Thank you

Since I’m NOT that bright, how did I get chosen by that man, who quandered as he did, to have this something planted in my head to germinate into this? And why aren’t/ haven’t REAL scientists asked these questions from ALL these ‘FACTS’ they seem to have?

No people

No people

One Stupid last question: Does the water in a flushed toilet, at exact center of the equator, Not turn but drop straight down?


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  1. As the risk of sounding really stupid, as I sympathize with your own questioning of the education we receive in this 2008 year of the buffoon… global warming was invented… we are actually in line for an ICE AGE, if the mereor that’s coming doesn’t unload it’s happiness first. Ah the good old days when all we worried about was a tank of gas for the week’s income to arrive.

    Regarding that toilet…only you could come up with that question, but please let me know the answer if you find out. I may have to move to avoid something!

  2. Historically before the flood there were even bigger monuments, structures that might have affected the axis. There is a story that the globe is actually spinning in the opposite direction of what it’s supposed to be spinning; the change contributed to a big hit with a meteor. And quite possibly from the break up of our sun’s twin. (I don’t remember the year; I was a child at the time.)


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