And YOU Didn’t Believe It.

It’s tough to continue to keep a secret this big, but Diebold and its VOTING machines ,that are in 34 states in this country yet, have FINALLY ADMITTED that there WERE ways to cheat the PUBLIC during the last Presidential election. George W. Bush became “OUR” leader through the combined efforts of Diebold and one KENNETH BLACKWELL.



[Diebold did it .] And this man’s BROTHER owns the OTHER VOTING MACHINE MAKER ! With what, then State of Ohio Attorney General, KENNETH BLACKWELL, did to complicate voters districting ACCESS it’s no wonder that the NONSENSE we’ve been taking has made for what’s happening today. [ Subsidiary says same. ] And the trick was completed by a RESEARCH IN MOTION: BLACKBERRY. To the delight of the “Pachyderm Pride”.

Karl Heinz Roverer's grandchild.

Karl Heinz Roverer's grandchild.

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