New Jobs Created By Off-Shore DRILLING

minorities provide new job titles

minorities provide new job titles

Where our ‘NATIONAL LEADERS’ are working diligently.

Just what they’ve been working on is, ‘always’, a mystery to those who are struggling to KEEP HOME and HEARTH in the fiasco that Bush and Co. have foisted on the LOT* of us. U.S. corporations are scrambling to keep their top office holders’ platinum parachutes intact by plucking away those that are their company’s base. Letting those that sacrificed for making profits possible enjoy their retirements on that wing and prayer program implemented after they’d left the ‘firm’.

With 12383 miles of U.S. coastline that “MAY” have oil reserves those that are fresh for a “new” occupation are the very same folk that have had the constant taste of dirty, menial, unhealthy labor. The only sticking point to this “new” opportunity is that the companies that are going to “CLEAN UP” do so THRICE. First, having the backing funds to attempt the size of the task. Second, having enough money to convince a government agency that they should be “given” the task. And third, having enough available “HUMAN POWERED ENERGY” that many other corporations so generously provided. Most likely a subsidiary of an OIL company.

Imagine, if you will, the job title of duck washer, or even having the responsibility of making sure that fur of an Otter is completely free of “BLACK GOLD”, “TAXES TEA” ? As parochial as this scenario sounds there’s more behind the scenes. Here’s a tight little list of how our politicians are prepping the country for big oil.

1.) who owns the west?

America the beautiful

America the beautiful

2.) the truth about America’s energy… 2008/07/ truth-about-americas-energy.pdf


2008/05/30/ over-44-million-acres-under-lease-for-oil -and- gas-in-us/

4.) ID=255351

5.) press DOI0730.htm


With so many square miles to take care of around our nation’s watery borders the interior lands will be freed for MORE secret oil leasings, that as big oil continues to apply their “purified palm balm”, to those who have the voting privileges of determining who OWNS THIS LAND. What laws will be changed to facilitate those who are responsible for, almost, 87% of the wars being inflicted around the world ?

And who will have enough EDUCATIVE desire of history to make sure that America grows to its true potentials ? The small list above was written so that the reader must do a bit of work for the gems of freedom that have been provided. If you expect free remember the actual costs of the items you’ve gotten in the past. (Like the “free” things you got when you purchased that vehicle with the cup holders and the lousy gas mileage.)

(*Remember the story and what happened to the one that looked back. See things for what they are NOW, it’ll tell you what’s happening in the future. )

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