We ARE SOUL JARS: A ‘ROONEY’ (Type) Observation

Upon viewing Adidas’ Beijing Olympic offering I tried to listen to what this world corporation was ACTUALLY attempting to tell us. ‘I’ve got soul, but I’m not a SOLDIER’, I have no idea who the author or band is but their way of presenting these words really sound like they’re telling the audience that their soul has no place to reside. This is too much like what’s going on world over, we’ve this sacred, wonderful, hard to describe thing that we’re quite proud of only to allow corporate greeds turn it into something… offal. If there was no container for our soul than there’d be no “need” for an ADIDAS to provide the cover for the appropriately named footer of such.

Alexander Dumas' fencing shoes.

Brown shoes inspired by a brown man:Alexander Dumas' fencing shoes.

Then there’s the music being played to us as we watch the “beach volley” competitions. Hey, NBC, this is a world event why don’t we hear the mixture of Senegalese rhythms followed with the steppe songs by Mongolian Throat-Singers, with a touch of Maria Calas as CARMEN? I’m sure that once you’ve introduced “SOUTHERN MAN”‘s translation to the rest of the world, and they make the comparison to current Afghan/ Iraqi policy verbiage, they’ll understand EVERYTHING that’s happened in the last seven-plus years.

Lastly, we’ve the destruction of the myth that there aren’t any world-class African-American swimmers with a young man whose first name could be the most portentous ever, CULLEN JONES. American record holder in the ‘FREESTYLE’.

American RECORD Holder,freestyle/ OLYMPIAN

Cullen Jones: American RECORD Holder,freestyle/ OLYMPIAN

So, to end this commentary, we the viewer see these many participants fighting against fears,fatigue, faults, false starts and fanaticism. They, as we, ARE Soldiers by almost any definition, just by the fact that every thing that we hold dear is under assault. So we Marshall every weapon we can to cause our opponent to lose their protections of their SOUL JAR.

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  1. For me that commercial “wrought” disgust when I saw it.

    Excellent “ROONEY”. It was no far stretch of my imagination to ‘hear’ him ask about the Senegalese rhythms. YOU nailed it!


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