Why the Nation’s Buildings Are Made Of Stone:

“Poli-tic(k)s= many blood suckers… in need of confinement.

Senator Ted Stevens will be the fourth, or fifth, Alaskan politician to go on trial for accepting money for favors from an oil company very soon. Even though there may be a handful of our elected who haven’t practiced the ‘craft’ of padding their paycheck through corporate greed we are seeing more of the degadations that we read about in history class, ( or SHOULD have ! ), from almost every example of ‘democratic’ societies.

There aren’t many of our elected who haven’t been indoctrinated into the proverbial “Morass” that oil companies, coin dealers, discount poliglomerates and voting machine makers have woven into the branches of their “money trees”. Planted in the very yards that most Americans are losing. With all the many, all too true jokes about those who’ve chosen to “PRACTICE” law, as opposed to living its meaning, why do we allow someone whose only goal is THEIR favorable outcome? Really ! It amazes me that we would place people in the care of a nation’s future that have no compunction to represent either side of the coin just to take large amounts of that person’s money. WE choose people who cajole, connive, construe the meanings of words to exact an outcome that they, (most times ?), don’t care much about… unless it will push a lot of money, ( or ‘POWER’!!! ), their pocket’s direction.

In closing this post I ask you this. Have you ever thought of why all of our buildings in Washington, D.C. are constructed of stone, as opposed to wood ? It’s simple, no insect like the termite, or tick, can chew through stone therefore they are, somewhat constrained in their destructive capacities. Only RATS can gnaw into stone and we should always listen for the resonances.

No matter the country.

No matter the country.

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  1. Yes, and there are those who would return to exterminate what’s left behind; foregoing a proper exit.


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