As If…You REALLY Cared!

It seems a bit strange to me that the Democratic party would descend into the tactics of electorate manipulations that have left this country in its present state. I mean this in the assumptive. (Example of thought:) Since the presidential elections of 2000 there continues a rumor that the C.E.O. and owner of the company that manufactures the nation’s voting machines stood at a banquet and told ALL present that he “would PERSONALLY deliver that years PRESIDENCY to the REPUBLICAN PARTY”, the location of boast being the home town of “AU’Uris”. ( All one must do to gawk at any one of 21,300 entries of this is to type the phrase: Diebold, Blackwell connection.),It does appear that it was no idle boast. The ante’ was increased during the next electoral exercise when the same Ohio natives,( of the “Pachyderm Persuasion”), decided to, again, deliver another four year pass to the dense vegetation of stunted trees, only this time the ULTIMATE HOUSE NEGRO did so via the repositioning of boundary lines of voting precincts. Kenneth “Blackwell” then “REWARDED” his staff with bonuses out of Taxpayer’s COFFERS. Within the current commitment of the socio-fascist policy enforcement that we now are gleefully burdened to we now have yet another rendition of ” I want it ALL, I want it NOW”, from the highly “unlikely” Clinton, (here comes a great descriptive.), CAMP. ( Please read the Googled #3 entry:CAMP.)

When the Hillary Machine first began its Casey Jones-like beginning the several entered opponents agreed to the states of Michigan and Florida being punished for the impertinence of disrupting the electoral flow of events.The “might-ee” Senator did not believe that a FRESHMAN might be able to exert a VARSITY effort to the ‘SPRING WORKOUTS’ so has, therefore, had her attempts to be at,( and under.), ‘center’ to look quite limited for the coming season. She has made the points that she is stronger with the type of voter who has not enjoyed a Pernod with a foreign baked good, BUT does know that a COUNTRY ‘boy’ can survive if you don’t take away his pick-up truck. “Life is supposed to be simple, CORPORATE suited, big word spewing “GNYGRUHS” need eleven more knots with their collars. They can bring US a GLASS FOOTBALL to put by the FRONT DOORS, but they can’t live in the building NAMED for US!” “NAW SUH”. In a recent letter to the Democratic Party she reiterates these very points.

The “problem” with ALL of this is that NO MATTER what WE think that we’ve decided at the POLLS those who CONTROL the electronic, checked, written or whatever else medium to express who “WE” want to “guide” this nation ALREADY KNOW and are ALREADY passing out the CUBAN CIGARS in celebration of this most recent achievement. The ONLY question to be answered now is … DO YOU REALLY CARE!?! Since we’ve let them wag the dog for so long we have come to BELIEVE that what’s happening now is the way things are and there is nothing that can be done about it. WELL THERE IS. I have a very sincere quandary for the LOT of us, ( remember LOT was told of things to come but even after his allowed attempts to make CHANGE two cities were expunged from existence.)…What MUST one pay for their RIGHTS and FREEDOMS?


AND have YOU noticed what it’s costing the rest of the WORLD?

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