Gathering Rocks for MY CAIRN

THE colorsI’ve been gathering rocks for my cairn

from the 70’s, or so, here and there.

“Friend” Legma, he gave me a choice

to be a stand-up guy, a father with a voice.

Now, all through this time, my friend fed me great lines

overdoing the rocks, the women, the whines.

As I squandered each check, the rocks said, give it heck.

It’s no wonder my life’s been so blue,

we’ll take the simulated pains, yeah, that’s how we do.

So, my kids say that they don’t have a dad,

I sit here writing ’bout that what a life I know I SHOULD HAVE HAD…

I’ve QUIT those wandering the days, (ready fires for the pyre.),

no more of its gruesome displays. Ol’ Legma HATES not getting his way.

No more gathering rocks for my CAIRN,

I held up a finger and he’ll return there.

I’VE QUIT gathering ROCKS for MY CAIRN.

This is a thought from the child that DOCTORS corrected in their physical,( Asthmatic- in the 50’s and 60’s doctors prescribed combinations of ingredients that included MARIJUANA.), And mental,(For some, RITALIN, what repercussions await from this?), imbalances. Needless to say, my Mother still suggests that I find out if I’m BI-POLAR, since that MAY explain my constant self ‘abuse’. I won’t place blame on anyone, but, my self, since I’m the one that knew what was really going on.

A blog is, supposedly, a teller’s insights into what their make-ups are. This is a piece of mine.

This is an open thank you to RAVENSCAWL, and his FAMILY, who extended more understanding thanI could call for.

Also to the ‘real’ women in this,so called , life I’ve been in. They know who they are and what they’ve attempted to do FOR ME and, yet, I cannot divulge their names to you. Or, publicly tell them.

D’Ellis R. McCammon/Omegetymon/Mohandas Lighque 5/14/2008

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