360 ACUTE Degrees


It is an interesting event that achieves its historical anniversary during the growth of an equally important event that it had intimated to. Today is the SAD DAY that many around the United States, and elsewhere, REMEMBER, the clandestine ending of the LIFE of the, possible, “saint” to be, Dr. Martin Luther King. We here in America are preparing to choose the next person who is to LISTEN TO THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS and ‘lead’ this nation to the place where it was in- tended to be come this November. The equally sad thing of this election period is that my fellow citizens have allowed “OTHERS”to take away their right, ability and desire to gather the informations needed to make the correct decisions for their FAMILY,with FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. Even sadder is that most of us are too proud to admit to this, making the lazy excuses of the Chrust Matthews’, Rush Limpaws… saying that, ‘ anyone without an “AMERICAN” name can’t be trusted’. Would it not be proper to have had a President ‘TWO-FEATHERS? This is only a call to those that I, now , live among. The call to STOP LETTING SOMEONE ELSE TELL US WHAT WE SHOULD DO,to be the one that lives like the men and women that we hear about on Saturdays and Sundays… THE ONES THAT DID THE RIGHT THING! The ones that would have answered a brother’s call to rid a region of the WRONG influences, without KILLING everything in its borders. In seeking those PURPLE MOUNTAINS MAJESTIES Dr.King ultimately witnessed his demise to us, while we just thought of vacationing there. The vacation is turning horribly wrong , as those who’ve spent our lives behind curtains, that we’ve provided, have stolen the mineral rights and started strip mining. The Lorraine, it is its balconey that saw who made that disspicable shot, it NOW tells us, again, that any prophesy MUST FULL-FILL ITSELF,and will in time. The number 360 is ironic, ESPECIALLY ON TODAY’S COINCIDENTAL DATE

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