Leap of FAITH

Man’s first introduction to the sense of TOUCH.Man’s first introduction to the sense of TOUCH.

Just as Indiana followed his father’s centuries old clues to reach the HOLY GRAIL I am now stepping onto a bridge that I can’t see. A friend who’s, just, let me back into his presence has told me that I “could talk ALL DAY” about those things of interest to me.

Instead of taxing my lungs about things I decided to start designing, then selling, tee shirts. In doing so this has forced me to learn how to communicate with the world via the web. Now, I’m attempting to move fingers with the same dexterity as my tongue,I have arthritis.

Being an infant during the 50’s makes for an interesting view,my mother raised me through her parents, took her two sons from Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Island camping. In 1967 we were in Montreal, Quebec at the world’s fair, (Habitat is still cool!), on our way back home, to Ohio, we stopped in Detroit, MI and wound up in the riots.

Being the first group of 18 year olds to vote McGovern kept me busy that season. Oh, I was also an interim Goalie for the Columbus Seals minor league Ice Hockey team part of that summer of 1972. This said you must know first, and foremost, that at the age of 8 I met my Grandmother’s 104 year old Mother. She had been born a SLAVE.

With our current time of national elections for our next President and the unveiling of all the hording of the savories that were supposed to be included into the “MELTING POT” that America was ‘started’ to be I started a company named THNQ,LLC, from that YO’pinion Theragraphiq Arts is what I , now, am attempting to introduce to the world. An explanation of how I came to the second name is this. I’m not an ‘ANGRY’ man of “colour”, just disappointed,thus tee shirts. By getting things off my chest, by letting you put its representation on your chest it’s no longer MY opinion it’s ‘YO’pionion’! It’s definitely therapy and I present it by graphic detailing; this is an ART. See what I mean by visiting http://www.188503.spreadshirt.com/us/US/Shop/. (you’ll have to type this yourself as I haven’t learned how to make it possible from here, give me just a little more time.) That’s it for my opening attempt, bear/bare with me, PLEASE, it HAS to get better.

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  1. I don’t remember ever reading this article… good stuff! You began blog 4/01…me 4/30.

  2. […] thoughts touch. The first is omegetymon, here at wordpress begun 04/01/2008, the premiere post was [LEAP OF FAITH]. Three years and almost five-hundred posts later another election looms… but, as […]


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